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Up-and-Coming Artist: Catherine Ikner

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

A new artist is quickly on the rise and her dedication to her art makes Catherine Ikner someone to watch. We've had the pleasure of seeing Catherine's artistic journey since she started classes at Holt School of Fine Art and can't help but admire all that she has accomplished so far. From picking up a brush in 2020, to taking the leap into her first art class, to selling her work in a gallery, her story is one of great dedication and great accomplishment.

With the kids at home, doing virtual school, Catherine turned to painting. "I found I needed a way to relax. I decided to pull out some acrylic paints I had for the kids and do an online tutorial for a landscape. While my painting was probably mediocre at best, I found that it was one of the only activities where I could be in the moment and have peace during that stressful time."

She started lessons at Braitman Studio and soon after, joined us at Holt School. "I love that Holt School is very welcoming of all ability levels and backgrounds. Because I didn't study art in school like many painters, I imagined feeling intimidated and out of place in art school. I feel like the teachers at Holt go out of their way to prevent that feeling in their students." One of her favorite memories is when she was working on a portrait of her dog, Roxie. "I had what I thought was a decent start but I just could not get the eyes right. In fact, they looked like poorly painted human eyes on a dog. I sheepishly brought my painting into class and Nick immediately made me feel at ease. He and the other instructors offered feedback and encouragement until the painting was one I felt good sharing with others."

Now, Catherine is finding her voice as an artist and can always be found with a landscape on her easel. Her work is inspiring her to see the world in new ways. "I like the act of painting but also like how it encourages me to pay attention. I've always loved taking country drives and looking at the landscapes but now, instead of just seeing a green field, I see all of the many colors that make up the green field." She's working on setting up her own studio with a few friends so she can have a dedicated space to create more of her beautiful paintings. Her paintings can be found at Art House Charlotte and on her website and Instagram below.

With such an inspiring story, we'd love to share a bit of advice from Catherine for those who are interested in starting their own creative journey. "I was an elementary school teacher for over ten years and was a stay-at-home mom after that. I never would have imagined I would become an artist. I've always enjoyed creative pursuits but it wasn't until I was older that I found the right fit. My advice for others would be that if you have a desire to try something new -- even later in life -- give it a try."

How to find Catherine Ikner's work:

Art House Charlotte

Instagram: Catherine_Ikner_Art

Facebook: Catherine Ikner Art

Artist Bio photo taken by Beth Devitt Photography


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You are so talented. Love your paintings Catherine 😍

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