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1620 Oakhurst Commons Dr, Suite 302

All skill levels are welcome in our studios:

Beginners will start with Still Life Drawing to learn how to improve your hand/eye coordination. Over the first few weeks we will go over various drawing techniques to help improve on your drawing skills and advance into more difficult drawing set ups. Next we will work on tone studies to help bring these drawings to life, eventually working our way into oil painting. 


Intermediate Students will start where we last left off from the Beginner levels and continue to work on or toward creating your own oil masterpieces.

Advanced Students and Professionals are welcome in our classes and we will tailor our instruction to your personal artistic goals. A portfolio review is required before you are admitted into advanced classes. Please email us if you are interested in advanced classes.

Instruction is primarily in oil paint. Chalk pastel, watercolor, and charcoal instruction is also available. Please no acrylics or water soluble oils.

Current Session:
August 28, 2023 - June 1, 2024


Ages 18+

2 hours per week

All Skill Level / Beginner / Intermediate Classes - $185/month

Advanced Classes - $195/month

New artists registering for advanced classes will be asked to submit a portfolio.

*New Class starting January 9, 2024*
Registration now open

Current Schedule
Enrollment open when space is available, please join our waitlist*

*If you do not see a link next to a class, registration and waitlists are closed.

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