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1620 Oakhurst Commons Dr, Suite 302

Classes are a mix of Beginner and Intermediate Students: 


Beginners will start with Still Life Drawing to learn how to improve your hand/eye coordination. Over the first few weeks we will go over various drawing techniques to help improve on your drawing skills and advance into more difficult drawing set ups. Next we will work on tone studies to help bring these drawings to life, eventually working our way into oil painting. 


Intermediate Students will start where we last left off from the Beginner levels and continue to work on or toward creating your own oil masterpieces.

Advanced Students and Professionals are welcome in our classes and we will tailor our instruction to your personal artistic goals.

Summer Classes

Registration is OPEN

Ages 18+

All Skill Levels

$420/9 classes

Summer Workshops

Registration is OPEN

Ages 18+

All Skill Levels


Summer 2023 Weekly Classes

June 12-August 17 (9 classes)

2 hour class    $420

Closing Dates: July 3-7

Summer Classes

Summer 2023 Workshops


Figure Drawing & Painting
Ages 18+

This workshop will focus on basic fundamentals of studying the figure with a live model. We will work with proportions and how to suggest the human form through gestures, drawings, and paintings. We will also explore how to create flesh tones, various techniques for applying paint, and how to create portraits. You will leave the class with 2-3 painting studies and several sketches. Supplies are not provided and you will be sent a supply list prior to the workshop.


Landscape Painting
Ages 18+

 The workshop will start with a series of miniature Alla Prima style paintings to study the basic rules of landscape painting. Alla Prima is a method of laying on paint in one application and these miniatures will be used as quick studies for a larger painting on stretched canvas. Each artist will walk away with multiple miniature paintings and at least one painting on a large canvas. Supplies and canvases are not provided and each student will be sent a supply list before the workshop.


Watercolor Painting
Ages 18+

 This workshops is great for beginners or artists with no formal watercolor training. We will start with the foundations of watercolor including how to apply washes, color mixing, and brush control. All artists will walk away with several paintings including small quick studies and a larger more detailed piece. You will discover that this medium is great for studies as well as longer studio works. 

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