If your question isn't answered here you can email us at info@holtschooloffineart.com

How is Holt School different from other programs?

Our program focuses on students as the individual and their personal goals. We have a baseline that teaches students the techniques needed to draw and paint for a lifetime and tailor our teaching to our students' interests.Therefore when a student walks into the classroom they will see each student working on something different. Most of our classes have students ranging from beginners to advanced. Because of this our classes are not separated by skill level.

How do I register for classes?

Registration can be done online. Find the class you are interested in and there should be the option to "waitlist" or "enroll" in the class. If you do not see a link we are not currently accepting new students for that class.

What should I do if we have to miss a class?

Make up classes will be issued during the school year (Sept - May) if you cancel more than two hours before your missed class. You must use your make up within 30 days of the cancelled class. One a make up has been scheduled, it cannot be reschehuled. Students are limited to 1 make up class per month. Our summer programs are not eligible for make up classes.

When I register for the wait list it asks for my credit card, will I be charged?

Our system asks you to put a card on file. If we place you in a class, we will first contact you via the email provided to confirm whether you wish to enroll. We will not charge your card without prior approval.

What is the environment like inside the classroom?

Our classroom is a traditional studio environment with each student working at an easel or drawing horse. We aim to give our students the highest quality of art education by staffing our studio with trained instructors who have a degree in art or are pursuing a degree in art. We keep our teacher to student ratio low at 1:6 so that each student is able to have their individual needs met. (*During this time of Covid our workstations are placed 6ft or more apart. Our studios will have no more then 14 students per class 6 ft apart. All Students and staff are required to wear mask.)

Do we need to bring any art supplies?

Yes all students must provide their own supplies. We will have a supply list available through Cheap Joes we can send you for reference. The items in the kit are discounted between 10-20% at their local store (not online). Cheap Joe's offers a 10% discount on any other supplies to Holt School students.

What will students do on the first day of class?

The first day of class is a day for us to get to know the student. We will go over basic drawing techniques with pencil. Adult students will later be introduced to charcoal and youth students will use chalk pastels. An assessment will be made about your goals and skill level and we will determine how to move forward with your learning.

What class will be best suited for my or my child’s skill level?

We do not do group instruction in our classes and therefore all classes are for all levels. Each student is instructed on an individual level and therefore beginner, intermediate, and advanced students can be seen in all of our classes. Some of our classes are separated based on age.

I/My child is not a beginner, can I/they skip ahead?

Students who aren’t beginners can be placed on a “fast track” with a portfolio review. This is an informal assessment and artwork can be brought on the first day of class to share with the instructor. All fast track students are required to complete our drawing exercises as we using them as building blocks for painting. We place importance on drawing before painting, as painting is considered to be drawing with a brush. A strong foundation in drawing will help the artist produce higher quality oil paintings.

Does the class schedule change each session?

The schedule is the same for the school year from Sept - May. During the Summer the schedule changes and enrollement does not automatically carry over. You must confirm enrollment for summer or re-enroll in fall to continue with classes.

When is tuition due?

Tuition is due for your first month upon registration and then on the 1st of each month from October 1 - May 1. Tuition for the summer session is due upon registration.

What should I do if we do not want to continue into the next month?

Please notify us in writing to info@holtschooloffineart.com at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the new month.

Can students arrive early?

You may drop your child off no earlier than 5 minutes before class begins and pick up no later than 5 minutes after class has ended. (*Due to Covid this is very important students do not arrive early or get picked up late as we need extra time to properly clean our studio and supplies.)

For youth classes: Am I allowed to stay in class with my child?

We do not have areas for parents to stay during class. We are a drop off / pick up facility. (*Due to Covid only registered students may enter the Studios at this time.)

What happens when it snows?

Holt School of Fine Art reserves the right to cancel classes in the case of inclement weather including but not limited to: snow, ice, extreme heat, and extreme cold. We take our cues from CMS in the case of inclement weather and will cancel in the event that CMS is closed. Holt School will post on the website and Facebook if classes have been cancelled. There is no guarantee classes will be made up due to weather. In the case of cancellation for weather we will do our best to allow you a make up class and it will be up to you to schedule the class.

What if Holt School is not the right fit for me/my child?

If you or your child is unhappy after the 1st class you may receive a full refund. There are no refunds after this point unless the student is asked to withdraw. In this case, the unused portion of tuition will be refunded excluding unpaid art supplies and missed or cancelled classes.

Can Holt School help with portfolio assistance for colleges and competitions?

Yes, our instructors can help build a portfolio and help make portfolio decisions. If you need help with this please email info@holtschooloffineart.com and we can direct you to the right instructor for your needs.