Themed workshops give young artists the opportunity to explore their interests in depth.


Pastel Bootcamp

Watercolor Bootcamp

Acrylic Painting

Portrait Drawing

Figure Drawing

"Paint Out" en Plein Air


Pastel Bootcamp :
Ages 8-12 :  $295

This workshop is for beginner/intermediate artists looking to experience pastels for the first time or expand their pastel skills. The bootcamp is meant to be an introduction to the Holt School method of teaching. The week will begin with learning how to begin a drawing, then drawing from life, and will end with drawing from photographs. After students have a good grasp on drawing we will introduce artist grade papers to produce pastels with a painted look.


Watercolor Bootcamp :
Ages 8-12 :  $295

Introduction to the basics of watercolor using the Holt School Method. This is a sample of what we offer during our regular school year program and teaches students different watercolor techniques. We will study still life, landscapes, and animals throughout the week.


Acrylic Painting :
Ages 10-18 :  $295

This workshop is for students wishing to learn how to paint in a traditional studio environment. Each student works at their own pace and will be taught the foundations of drawing and painting in acrylics. Subject matter will include still life, landscapes, and animals. This workshop is perfect for students wishing to learn skills that they can later use to paint at home.


Portrait Drawing :
Ages 11-18 :  $295

Introduction to Portraits: This workshop is for students wishing to learn how to draw portraits in charcoal. Previous experience is recommended but not required. This workshop is group based instruction and starts with gesture drawing for warm up each day. We will then break down how to draw the eyes, nose and mouth and finish the week with each student completing a self portrait.


Figure Drawing :
Ages 11-18 :  $295

Drawing from a Live Model:  This workshop is for students who have completed Portrait Drawing and are wishing to learn how to draw the full body. This workshop is group based instruction and starts with drawing hands and feet on the first day. The rest of the week will be challenging students to draw from a live model with a variety of techniques.


Paint Out en Plein Air

Visit our Paint Out page to learn more about our outdoor painting workshop.